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Legal Design & Innovation

Designing The Law of Tomorrow

Design Consulting

We are true nerds when it comes to brands. This includes not only legal expertise but also excellent design and marketing know-how. We analyze your design concept, starting from the name of your brand to the logo, domain name, and other media. We evaluate them based on their unique selling proposition, originality, and target audience definition, and provide you with an optimized strategy and matching concept.

Legal UX / UI

nyr supports you in designing and visualising legal documents such as contracts or privacy policies using simplified language, suitable icons, and infographics. We also assist in selecting appropriate media for both print and web, ensuring transparency and understanding. With our expertise in Legal UX / UI, we make complex legal texts more accessible for non-lawyers.

Legal Tech / Ops

Legal Tech / Ops specializes in supporting your Legal Team to implement automated and intuitive processes using suitable strategies, AI tools, and blueprints. Our tailored optimization process, including a thorough gap analysis with your team, allows for more room for creativity and innovation in your daily work. Let us help you harness the power of technology to enhance your legal practice.

Legal Design Academy

We offer courses and day workshops on Legal Design Thinking, Legal Communication, and Legal Tech / AI to foster new perspectives and create space for innovative and customer-centric problem-solving. As a project of ‘nyr Law’, the ‘Legal Design Academy‘ aims to empower lawyers and legal teams to independently and sustainably contribute to the development of internal and external services and products through the knowledge they acquire.

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