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“In Tomorrow we trust.”


Sharing Bold Values.

Our manifesto is based on the principle of solemn value exchange. We understand that the world of media and modern business requires subtle nuances in legal advice, and we share with our clients a commitment to the highest ethical standards. With our bold values, we aim not only for a legal partnership but also for a joint journey based on integrity and excellence.


Empowering Your Right.

At nyr Law, our manifesto commits us to defending and empowering you and your rights. Every small detail holds significant importance, which is why our specialized services offer more than just protection; they offer empowerment. We assist you not only in defending your rights but also strategically utilizing them to promote your unique business vision.


Shaping Your Future.

Welcome to nyr, where we invite you to shape your legal future. Together, we not only provide legal solutions, but also establish the foundation for a future where innovation and creative protection go hand in hand. Step into a boutique law firm that not only comprehends laws, but also collaboratively shapes your legal future with you.

Dr. Stephan Bücker, LL.M., Rechtsanwalt, Partner & Gründer von nyr Law

Dr. Stephan Bücker, LL.M. →

nýr – derived from Old Norse

The founding of nyr Law and the choice of this unique brand stem from my deep personal values and extensive professional experience. With two decades in the legal industry, I have witnessed firsthand the essential nature of understanding and passionately protecting and promoting creative work and intellectual property – particularly trademarks.

Derived from the Old Norse word for ‘new’, nyr represents our commitment to continuously reinventing ourselves as a firm and adapting flexibly to the dynamic demands of our clients in creative industries. This brand reflects my profound belief that at the core of every successful endeavor lies the ability to continually navigate oneself and embrace innovation.

Integrity, commitment to excellence, and a close connection to the creative and entrepreneurial aspirations of our clients form the foundation of nyr Law. Here, we offer not only outstanding legal expertise but also a collaborative partnership characterized by trust, understanding, and shared goals.

nyr Law is much more than a conventional law firm – we are your strategic partner, fully dedicated to your vision. In our agile and flexible structure, you will find a safe harbor to make your dreams a reality. We combine traditional legal knowledge with an innovative approach to professionally protect and support you personally in an ever-changing world.

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