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Intellectual Property

Your Ideas, your Rules.


We secure your copyrights to creative works such as books, music, films, paintings, sculptures, photographs, software, architecture, and other forms of artistic expression. Our approach involves licensing, contracts, and diligent enforcement against copyright infringement.


A registered trademark grants you the exclusive right to use it in business transactions. We handle the registration of your trademark with the authorities, continuously monitor it, enforce your rights against third parties, and manage your entire portfolio of trademarks. All in one place.

Design Law

Nyr’s focus is on design law, ensuring comprehensive protection for your unique designs. We defend the aesthetic aspects of your work against imitations and infringements, while also providing support in the conception, negotiation, and execution of licensing agreements. Design Copyright.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are confidential information that gives your business a competitive advantage. That’s why at nyr, we are dedicated to helping you protect your customer lists, manufacturing processes, formulas, algorithms, and other confidential data to the fullest extent.

Competition Law

Unfair competition, misleading advertising, or violations of trade secret can have significant financial and legal consequences. That’s why at nyr, we analyze your business practices and marketing strategies to help you develop legally compliant competition strategies.

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Intellectual Property

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